Wednesday, August 19, 2009


You don’t have to go to the Camuy Caves (Cavernas de Camuy) when you’re visiting the North/Central part of Puerto Rico. In fact , last week one of our guests tried to go there two days in a row and for various reasons he couldn’t get in…not even to the parking lot on the park grounds.

We have a cave in the neighborhood which is easily accessible and free! Window Cave
has been known to the locals for quite awhile but has recently been “fixed up” with an identifiable mowed path leading to the attraction. The cave has an exceptional view looking onto Rt. 123, a bridge and cow fields. It’s unbelievably beautiful…so much more so than on ground level traveling the road, although that view is nice.

To get to the cave, park at Bosquebello Texaco on Rt. 10 between Arecibo and Utuado, buy some water and goodies and say hi to Jr., the owner, and walk up the path next to the wooden kiosk at the side. Be sure to bring a bag to carry away your garbage and any other garbage at the site. This is not maintained by anybody but us, so let’s keep it clean! Also bring a good flashlight.
The cave isn’t very long but it is very dark. Walking inside Window Cave is easy. There is another cave, tucked behind tree roots, which meets the Window Cave entrance which is a little more difficult to move through and involves some climbing.

All in all, a visit to the cave is well worth it. You can make it a quick trip or linger and have a relaxing time in the mountains.
Stay at TJ Ranch and we’ll lead you there!