Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Arecibo Beach, Puerto Rico-It's a bird, it's a ?

Don't be surprised if you're sitting on the beach at Caza y Pesca in Arecibo and some people come by looking for just the right spot, a flag on a pole or an x on a blanket....then everyone looks up....in a short while you'll see parachuters in the sky...bright colored sheets with what looks like a toy hanging down....one minute up in the sky and the next minute cruising over the water and the landing steadfast on the sand.

This time there were few of them...

and I never even saw the plane......

and then they gathered their chutes, wrapped things up and were gone!

From what I've heard, Arecibo Airport has jumps for novice and experienced jumpers. Tandems for beginners offering videos as well.

I'll find out more info for those bold exteme sport enthusiasts. Contact me at: www.tjranch.com

Arecibo Events-Octoberfest

Announcing Caribbean best Beer Fest - never before in Puerto Rico
exhibitions, fashion show, music, music, music....Saturday, October 4th...Arecibo Coliseo...7pm


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

TJ Ranch lights up...Puerto Rico by candlelight

Our electricity was browning out, our appliances going on and off...it was time. The electric company finally cleaned up the trees touching the main power lines coming over the dam. Now our light seems to be doing OK; now we finally got our new generator.

Don't worry...the day will come once again when the light will go...usually in the middle of preparing food for our guests, but we'll be prepared. Even though it's loud like a truck, we'll turn on that big green box (which I'm anxious to paint with flowers) and our casitas will light up, the restaurant will have music and everyone can shower with hot, hot water! The convenience of electricity will prevail...and hopefully you'll even be able to hear the song of a coqui over it all.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fresh Food or Food is everywhere in Puerto Rico

We don't have a magnificent garden (yet), but we do have food to eat. As I look around, I see 3 fresh breadfruits (pana), a couple of avocados (aguacates), some oranges (chinas) and puerto rican pears (pluma rosas) falling from the trees. It's a little early for oranges, but you can see them slowly changing from green to orange. Although I try to "buy local" it seems that when the markets are selling avocados, I have my own. It's only in an off month(like December) when we want avocados and they are nowhere to be found...
Mangos are summer fruit, oranges are November through March...I wish I knew when everything pops up.
I remember a day when we were getting ready to eat a bacalao salad and Tony and I each said, "Wait a minute." We each headed out the door and in opposite directions and came back with an avocado. "Now we can eat!"

Sunday, September 7, 2008

More Surfing News

SEPTEMBER 27 - 28, 2008

APSPR's Corona Extra Pro Surf Circuit Set To Crown Season Champs

The Corona Extra Pro Surf Circuit returns to Playa Middles, Isabela,
Puerto Rico Sept. 27 - 28, 2008 to crown the champions for this year's
competitive season.

Surfing in Puerto Rico - Arecibo and the North Coastt!!

When talking about surfing in Puerto Rico, everyone thinks of Rincon....but Arecibo's the place to be. From the sandy bottom of Caza y Pesca for beginners to the treacherous Marginal in downtown Arecibo for the more daring, the open water Atlantic has waves for everybody. La Poza is perfect for a mixed group of swimmers and surfers with a protected area for bathers as well as a stretch of waves among the rocks for competent surfers. For those summer days when most areas are flat, Hallows is sure to have something, but know what you're doing because you may break your board or cut up your feet.

Isabela also has well known surf spots....Jobos being the most well known, but for me...I prefer my home town of Arecibo.

"El Doctor" has taught both my kids to surf and has given private lessons to many of our guests. Locals seem to have a watchful eye for bathers because the currents can be deceiving.

So come to TJ Ranch and have the best of both worlds...play on the beach and relax in the mountains.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Eco-friendly in PR...before thinking 'green'

I guess we've had a piggy pot for the last 20 years. If it didn't go to our neighbor's, then it went to our own pigs. Having grown up with disposals, I was initially perplexed as to where to throw table scraps in my country kitchen in Puerto Rico. Although composting was possible for the "neat" stuff...potato peels and plant cuttings; we had so much of the other stuff... saucy greasy food stuff...and those things became a haven for ants. Just like I used to ask," Can eggshells go down the disposal?" now I'm asking, "Are you sure pigs can eat chicken bones?"

So if you come to TJ Ranch you'll find out why pigs are truly pigs ...and come with us down the road to drop off our piggy pot. By the way, bring your camera because there's a great view of Lago Dos Bocas.