Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Oh-My Phone

Things are changing at TJ Ranch. Some people actually have cell service and internet. Years ago it was easy. “There’s no signal here”, I would say and watch the look of panic. Then our guests would take a deep breath, put their phones away and say, “it’s OK, probably good in fact, now we can have a real vacation!”

Now a days we have the worst of all worlds. There’s signal here and there. “Try the fourth step; go to the pool; you can text in the yellow casita…” Phones ring…..”can you hear me now?” It’s a little disconcerting having your phone with you on vacation. I almost feel like making a place setting at the table for the newest member of the family…the know it all. And it does know it all: point at the stars and it’ll tell you what constellation you’re looking at; point at a sign and it can automatically translate it; take a photo of the flower and then it can be identified including all its medicinal properties.

The new phones are technological wonders, but do you really want to spend your vacation looking down? Isn’t a vacation supposed to rid you of that neck ache? Isn’t part of the fun on vacation getting lost and asking for directions? Is it that important to have you phone with you at meals, at the pool and in your cottage at night?

Please people….show me your phone and all that it can do, because it’s new to me and I think it’s really cool….then put it away and enjoy yourself. Make all your calls, e-mails, etc. at one stop (where you have a strong signal) and then look around, talk to people, eat food…and relax and enjoy your vacation!